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Father Gruner & The Message

The general Message of Fatima is not complicated. Its requests are for prayer, reparation, repentance, and sacrifice, and the abandonment of sin. Before Our Lady appeared to the three shepherd children, Lucy, Francisco and Jacinta, the Angel of Peace visited them. The Angel prepared the children to receive the Blessed Virgin Mary, and his instructions are an important aspect of the Message that is often overlooked.

"Conversion of Russia" Update:
A Falling Plane and a Rising Empire

by Christopher A. Ferrara

The Tsar-like inauguration of Vladimir Putin in 2012. The blatant instrumentalization of the Russian Orthodox Church by the Putin regime. The rebuilding of the Russian military. The annexation of Crimea. The growing conflict in Ukraine. And now the shooting down of Flight MH 17, with Ukraine accusing Russian separatists of the crime and the Kremlin blaming the Ukraine government installed by allegedly US-backed revolutionaries.

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July 17, 2014: Malaysia Airline Flight 17 Crash

Even as the search continues for a Malaysia Airlines passenger aircraft which has been unaccountably "missing" since March 8, 2014, another similar disaster is now in the news. Again the aircraft involved is a Malaysia Airlines Boing 777, and this time the lives of all aboard the plane are known to have been lost. Two hundred and ninety-eight souls — 283 passengers (including three infants) and 15 crew members — were purposely shot down in the course of Flight 17's scheduled civilian international flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

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Our Lady’s E-Newsletter: July 2014
Darkness May Be Closing In — Literally!

On June 9, Al Qaeda in Yemen fired rocket-propelled grenades and mortars at electric transmission towers. The damage was sufficient to cause a national blackout: 24 million people suddenly plunged into darkness, communications disrupted, vital services suspended — a condition of near chaos.

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