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The Mission of The Fatima Center

(National Pilgrim Virgin of Canada / The Fatima Center USA INC)

Our founder, Father Nicholas Gruner, described the purpose of Our Lady’s Apostolate: “Our mission is to ensure that the entire Message of Fatima is fully known, accurately understood, and deeply appreciated so that it may be followed by all.”

The Fatima Center has been faithful to this mission for 39 years now.

Our Lady made it clear that the Message of Fatima is the ONLY solution to the crisis in the Church and the world.

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Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of
the Miracle of the Sun at Father Gruner's Gravesite

October 13, 2017 marks the passage of 100 years to the day since Our Lady of Fatima worked the great Miracle of the Sun to confirm the truth of Her apparitions and Message. Such an historic date cannot pass without special notice, especially by those devoted to Our Lady's honor and service.

We at The Fatima Center, who are continuing Father Gruner's work, gathered at 10:00 a.m. (EST) with Our Lady's Pilgrim Virgin statue to pray the Holy Rosary at Father Gruner's grave as a special public act of thanksgiving and honor to Our Lady of Fatima for the stupendous intervention that She, as Our most loving Mother, came to announce at Fatima. The occasion marks as well a tribute to Father Gruner's own legacy of tireless service on Our Lady's behalf.

It can be said with great confidence that no public figure in the priesthood or the Catholic Church showed greater devotion to Our Lady of Fatima and the Message of Fatima than Father Nicholas Gruner. Every day, all day, Father was consumed with bringing the Message of Fatima and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to as many people as the apostolate could reach.

We invite all of our friends, all the supporters of The Fatima Center, to unite themselves with us today as we honor Our Lady's consummating Miracle by which She sealed Her great Fatima Message, on this its 100th anniversary. Let us unite ourselves as Our Lady's devotees, on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and pray especially for Father Gruner, as well as for the Pope and the whole Church, in this its most extreme hour of need.


The Miracle of Japan's "Hidden Christians" Versus "proselytism is solemn nonsense"

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 19, 2017

Martin Scorsese’s film “Silence,” which I have viewed, is based on the novel by Shusaku Endo, a semi-fictional account of two 17th-century Jesuit missionaries to Japan who apostatize under torture and became retainers of the shogunate (military dictatorship) that ruled Japan for centuries. The film is an evil piece of work that sympathetically portrays the apostasy of the fictional characters Father Ferreira and Father Rodrigues during waves of genocidal persecution of Japanese Catholics in that century, at the end of which all the faithful priests had been martyred or expelled from Japan and the remaining Catholics had been driven underground.

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Fatima Portugal October 11 - 14 2017

Distribution of the Portuguese version of the True Story of Fatima in Fatima Portugal October 11 - 14 2017




Fatima Staff Report

October 16, 2017

Of all the pursuits of the intellect, the study of history may yield the smallest return for the time invested, for in the end it offers only knowledge of what particular men did at this or that juncture in the affairs of the world, and what apparently resulted from their actions. A mass of facts — dates, names, places, etc. — are accumulated and, in some way, must be grouped and interpreted to impart order and sense — that is, to make the study seem profitable in some way. The end product is that some opinion or other is put forward as having the warrant of history supporting it, thereby obviating the need to think about it further.

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One Hundred Years Later

by Nelson Hertel
October 13, 2017

We have finally reached October 13, 2017: the one hundredth anniversary of Our Lady's sixth and most famous apparition at Fatima; the one hundredth anniversary of the promised prodigy, the Miracle of the Sun. … A century has gone by, it is true, but Fatima cannot be simply relegated to the past.

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Revolution: A Beast with No Master

Revolutions succeed by violence. When an impasse is reached between the old order and the emergent new one, violence follows. Discussion, compromise and reform are deemed impossible: the differences represented by both sides are too radical. Destruction of the enemy is then seen as the only path to resolution.

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Our Lady’s Apostolate is engaged in an all-out campaign in Rome to make the urgency of obeying Our Lady of Fatima known! We are using every form of media at our disposal. Billboards throughout the city urge the Pope and the bishops to act now to avert the terrible suffering Our Lady prophesied. We are also using trotters, which are mobile billboards (trucks which drive around the city) to make people in every neighborhood aware that we have reached a critical point in the history of the Fatima prophecies: we must either obey or face the prospect of “the annihilation of nations” Our Lady foretold!

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Making the Five First Saturdays and the 1st Saturday Meditation Manual

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

“Most important in the First Saturday devotions is the fervor with which we perform them, specifically as acts of reparation for sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary”. Father Gruner, 2014.

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