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From Father's Desk
    re: The final excuse for not consecrating Russia Father's Letter of April 2009,


            “A tree is shown by its fruits, and in the same way those who profess to belong to Christ will be seen by what they do.”

    ... St. Ignatius Loyola

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      Father Nicholas Gruner

      In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

      I pray this appeal will not go unheard, but will touch your priestly heart profoundly.

      On Judgment Day, if each of us knows we could have helped avert WWIII, if each of us knows we could have helped save millions of souls by simply informing our brother priests and bishops, I don’t think we want to tell Our Lord: “I knew, but I did not want to lift a finger. I did not want to help my fellow man. I did not want to help save their souls.”

Judgement Day May Be Sooner Than We Think

      I think you will agree that this article needs to be spread throughout the entire hierarchy, even up to the Sovereign Pontiff.

      The article “Now is the Time” first appeared in another publication. When I read it, I realized it deserves the widest possible circulation, especially to you, my brother priests.

      The one final excuse for not doing the Consecration is the fear of offending the Orthodox. This excuse is demolished in a charitable way in The Fatima Crusader.

      Perhaps in the past the Pope and the bishops had more obstacles in their mind regarding the proper Consecration of Russia. But today, with the benefit of 80 years of hindsight, all the obstacles have been taken away. All but one!

      If they do not do so, it can only be for want of knowledge, or due to a misunderstanding, or even – dare I say – for a want of faith in the integrity of Our Lady’s Message of Fatima.

      I cannot believe that the bishops of the world, when knowing they had it in their power to stop war now and avert the “annihilation of nations”, would not do so. I cannot believe that the Pope, who knowing he had the power to stop war now and avert the “annihilation of nations”, would not do so.

      Though we have numerous bishops who are supporters and who take the Fatima Message seriously, I cannot reach all the bishops of the world. But you, dear Father, may be one of the few hundred who has the ear of your bishop, or of a Vatican prelate, or of the Holy Father himself.

      You can help stop it by committing yourself even more to the Fatima Message. You may even be able to do MUCH more, you may have the means to influence someone in authority.

You Can Stop All This!

      The brutality and killings in war are in the news every day: mass killings of civilians and children in the Gaza Strip; countless numbers of Iraqi dead; a powder keg of war in the Middle East ready to explode at any moment.

       Then there is the ongoing worldwide genocide of billions of babies murdered in their mother’s wombs – an ongoing genocide guaranteed to drastically increase now that the United States is under such radical, pro-abortion leadership.

      Eighty years have passed and we have suffered. Humanity together has suffered: WWII with 50 million dead; the genocide of over 150 million people murdered by Communist regimes – Lenin with his 22 million; Stalin with 50 million, Mao in China with another 50 million. The Ukrainians alone have suffered the loss of 20-30 million. Many (at least 50 million) of these victims were Catholics.

      You see, Father, it has been 80 years this year since the Blessed Virgin said “The moment has come when God asks the Holy Father to make, in union with all the Catholic bishops of the world, the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart.”

      If it has been given to you to know your bishop on a personal basis of friendship, or if you know some Vatican official that you can speak to freely; or even better, if you know a Cardinal or the Pope’s secretary or the Pope himself, we ask you to bring his attention to the article starting on page 3, entitled “Now is the Time”.

      Yet as the article explains, “Fatima offers perhaps the best key in our time for breaking the impasse in Catholic-Orthodox reconciliation”, for it is the Mother of God Herself who has promised to do the converting, and promised a period of peace to be granted to the whole world. Only this will avert God’s punishment for the colossal number of sins in our time.

      The article “Now is the Time” argues persuasively regarding one of the main reasons Vatican officials have not yet properly consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is for fear of the Orthodox, who look upon such a Consecration as an insult.

Now Is the Time

      Are you aware of the dire consequences that Our Lady of Fatima warned would take place if Her requests were not obeyed: “the good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated”?

      With this issue, you have in your hands the means to overcome the last excuses that our highest Church leaders have for not obeying Our Lady of Fatima.

      Issue 91 of The Fatima Crusader contains one of the most important articles we’ve ever published.

Dear Father,