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Dear Father,

Please accept my sincere thanks for your recent gift of rosaries. You wonderful people really bring joy to my heart when I see the great love you have for Jesus and Our Blessed Mother and your faithfulness in gifts of love. Your rosaries with their Heavenly blessings are saving many souls, which delights Jesus and Mary. We are very appreciative.

It must be a great consolation to each of you to realize you are an important part of these happenings.

You are all remembered in my daily Masses and Communions and I thank God you are part of our team.

God bless you,

Father N., California

Dear Father Gruner,

I have just finished reading your letter in which you addressed your concerns regarding disturbing reports about you and your works. Father, I need to tell you a little story.

I am a Protestant, Episcopalian to be exact. Approximately ten years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the Rosary beads and I proceeded to teach myself how to say the Rosary. I said the Rosary daily for a while, then stopped. Some of the prayers were the same prayers that I had learned during my Sunday School years, through the Episcopal Church. However, some prayers seemed strange to me and so I put the Rosary beads aside.

I placed these beads in my pocketbook and carried them with me every day, even though I wasn’t saying them. I continued to search for a religion that was reverent and very close to the teachings of Christ. Another friend introduced me to a book entitled, “Mother of Christ Crusade”, which is the story of Fatima taken directly from Lucy’s Memoirs. I was so taken by the story of Fatima, the message of the Mother of Christ to the world is so clear. My search to find that one Church has ended with the “Traditional Catholic Church”. I began saying the Rosary again and this time there was nothing strange about it. It was absolutely the most beautiful and right thing to do.

I am now working on my conversion and plan to have a conditional Baptism sometime this Fall. Fatima played a huge role in my conversion.

Every family should read about the Apparitions and the story of Fatima. Our Lady’s message of love should be told to every person on this earth, perhaps then there would be many more conversions and finally world peace.

God bless you for all your good works.


Marcia C., Massachusetts

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