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Dear Father Gruner,

       Thank you for your lovely letters and the beautiful gifts you sent me from Our Lady of Fatima.

       Fatima is a grace for all mankind. It is Our Lady's Peace Plan from Heaven.

       The time has come for all of us to heed Her warnings, as She told Lucy, Jacinta and Francisco in 1917. If we do not, a great chastisement will befall all mankind. We can certainly see this happening all around us as we live in the most immoral of times.

       Let us work together to bring Our Lady's Message to the whole world and honor Her request for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

       Do not be discouraged by the recent scandals that have arisen within the Catholic Church. I, as well as others, know that you and many others are good priests who serve Our Lord and Our Lady so well.

       Please write to me any time you need help in spreading Our Virgin Mother's Message. I will be more than willing to help you since Our Lady has answered so many of my prayers. Yours in Christ,

Janet S., NY

Dear Father Gruner,

       God Bless you. You are His faith-filled servant. I've never doubted that we will win this battle. Stay strong and know you're never alone. Sincerely,

Kathleen K., PA

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