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ANGEL Stories

The following excerpt is from the book All About the Angels
by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan, O.P.

“The Angels are the perfect images of God, mirrors of His Divine perfections, reflecting His love, His beauty, His Holiness, His Power, all His Divine attributes and perfections, but each Angel in his own special way.”

“St. Bridget, who was favored by God with heavenly visions, tells us that were we to see an Angel in all his beauty, we should be so ravished with delight at the sight of him that we would die of love.”

“St. Frances of Rome was favored by the constant vision of her Angel. She says that were an Angel to appear in all his splendor, the light of the sun and moon and stars would become dim in comparison.”

“A young friend wishing to scale a high wall placed a ladder against it and proceeded to mount. At some yards from the wall, there was a deep well, about six feet in diameter, which had its sides paved from the top to the surface of the water with great stones. Suddenly, the climber found himself at the bottom of the well, standing up, unscathed. How did this happen? The ladder must have slipped in some strange way. In the natural course of events, he would have dashed his head against the side of the well, or fallen head foremost into the water, but except for the wetting, he escaped without the smallest scratch or bruise. He could only think that it was his dear Angel who saved him from a horrible death, so that every day he thanks his Angel with all his heart for this favor.”

Our Lady's Book Service offers a number of different books and video tapes about Angels. Some available titles are: The Angels and Their Mission by Jean Danielou, S.J.; St. Michael and the Angels, compiled from approved sources; Beyond Space: A Book About Angels, by Fr. Pascal Parente; The Angels by Dom Anscar Vonier, O.S.B.; All About Angels by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan and, of course, a video tape of FATIMA: “The Moment has Come” with Liz Holdsworth entitled “Our Guardian Angel.”

If you would like to order Father O'Sullivan's book, or another book or videotape on Angels, please call our toll-free number at 1-800-263-8160.