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Letters from Our Friends

In every issue of the Society's newsletter, we like to share letters we receive from friends around the world. We are deeply encouraged to hear from so many people who love Our Lady and seek to learn more about Her Fatima Message. In some of the letters we receive, we are reminded of the great difficulty that people from other parts of the world face in practicing their faith.

Dear Father Gruner:

I felt very grateful in receiving the new issue of Our Lady's magazine. Last year was very rough with us. Pray for us Father, remember us when you are saying Mass. Over here, we are getting a lot of rain and our poor little school children are suffering. The water is very high, causing a lot of fever; all our plants are drowning and rotting. It looks that we will suffer with starvation soon. May Our Lord and Our Lady bless you and keep you safe in the love of Their Sacred Hearts.

Bernadette A. ... Guyana

From the Editor:

    We are presently trying to contact Bernadette to see what they need and what our Society can do to help. We will keep you advised on the lastest developments.

Dear Father Gruner:

Thank you very much for the letter I received from you. Firstly, I was puzzled trying to guess who would write to me from that far part of the world. Once more, thank you very much for the spiritual greetings and blessings that you sent my family. I cannot even express my gratitude pertaining to my joining the Fatima Crusade. I like these spiritual issues very much. At the moment, I am enjoying reading the Introductory Issue you sent me.

Amos Z. … Zimbabwe, Africa

Dear Father Gruner:

Greetings to you in Jesus, Mary and Joseph. I've been an ardent follower of your magazine and the Apostolate since I came to know of it about two years ago. I've written to you and contributed to your Apostolate before and still am. Father, I'd like you to know that I am a firm believer in your work for Our Lady. I do include you in the rosaries and prayers that I say. Through your magazine, I've been more enriched and am more appreciative of my Faith. The catechism that I've received through your magazines has been more valuable and precious than all the catechism classes that I've ever attended in all my life. I do look forward to receiving more of your publications. The story of your life, “Fatima Priest” is the best biography ... that I've read. May God bless you and keep you in ever-flowing grace.

Calvin J. … North Sumatra, Indonesia

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