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Fatima Center Apostolate Reaches Across the World International Projects ...


The First Aid center for the orphanage and surrounding villages is in the process of being built. To date, the walls are up and the roof on. It should be completed early in the new year. This facility will supply emergency assessment and minor treatment for the orphans who are all school age and the many people of the three villages in the area. The nearest hospital is one hour away, however, in bad weather or monsoons, the road can be washed out and impassable.


More than 50 priests from around the world attended the conference. They came from as far away as Australia, Fiji, Philippines, Nigeria, India, Liberia, Lesotho, Brazil, Russia, Croatia, Scotland, England, United States and Canada. All the diocesan priests received permission from their bishops to be away from their parishes for the purpose of attending the conference. All thanked us for the great opportunity of hearing the talks and meeting the speakers, and many foreign priests took books and tapes back with them to learn even more. Many asked that we keep them supplied with literature to distribute to the people of their area.

Two bishops came from India. Both expressed interest in having the Pilgrim Virgin statue visit the parishes in their dioceses. The Bishop of Raipur, India, told us we are doing Our Holy Mother's work and following the urging of the Holy Father, to evangelize the world. One bishop from Lesotho, Africa, has his own radio station and ordered 169 tapes of Heaven's Peace Plan to play on his station. He also hand-carried a large statue of Our Lady of Fatima for his diocese and 2000 Brown Scapulars. He, too, would like the Pilgrim Virgin to come to the parishes of his diocese.


The Fatima Center in Manila, Philippines, continues to operate as usual under the direction of our local manager. At different times of the year, the area is plagued with heavy rains that sometimes cause residents to lose electrical or phone service. The Apostolate mails out literature to new contacts from the Philippines and nearby countries, as their postal rates are cheaper than in North America. The Fatima Crusader is also mailed to priests and Fatima Center supporters and contacts within the Philippines.

In preparation for the recent Fatima: World Peace 2000 Bishops Conference, a special printing and mailing to Philippine priests took place in the Manila office, for a fraction of what it would have cost in Canada or the United States. The office serves as a local center for prayer meetings and distribution of Fatima literature by hand and to newcomers to the office.


Translation projects are underway in the Fatima Center Rome office to have some key Fatima material translated into Italian to be printed and distributed in Italy. The office is also equipped with Fatima literature and books for distribution by our office manager. The recent pilgrimage to Rome for the Padre Pio Beatification ceremony was co-ordinated by staff at Fatima Center offices in Canada, United States and Rome collectively. Plans are underway for a future pilgrimage to Rome.