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Letters from Our Friends

Dear Father Gruner,

This is my first letter to your headquarters. I feel I need to tell you, I pray for you and your intentions daily. The power of prayer is proven to us constantly and that's mostly where I can help you.

I am a widow in her 80's, living with my daughter and family. I have always had my pet missions to remember and now, poor Father, you certainly could use some help. You are fighting the plight of a “latter-day-saint” and must so console the heart of Our Eternal Father. So very few fill that category. Prayer is the power that will stay the hands of the evil doers in the Vatican who have been at it since the early 60's, in my recollection.

God Bless you, the bishops, and laity who work so devotedly to your cause.


Madeline K., Belfountain, Ontario

Dear Father Gruner and Staff,

I want to commend you for the wonderful work you are doing. I would love to be a volunteer and help in any way I can.

Our Blessed Lady needs many more people, like you dear Father Gruner and I'm sure She will bless you abundantly. Praise be to Our Blessed Mother — now and forever.

Louise K., Sterling. CO


Someone sent me your website link (which is very nice by the way). I am a big devotee of Fatima and I have read Fatima Priest.

My friend said that you send the magazine out for free and I was wondering how to get on your mailing list? Also, I would specifically like to get a copy of The Fatima Crusader, Issue 57. Spring and Summer 1998. Let me know if a donation is required or if I can sign up here. Thanks & God Bless your work.

Linda M on Internet

(From the Editor): Linda has been answered personally but we want to let you know that all in stock back issues of The Fatima Crusader are available for the asking. These are sent free of charge but we do ask for a small donation to cover postage and handling, if you can afford it.

Dear Father Gruner,

I see so much evil throughout the world. I suppose the worst of all is the way the consecrated persons are leaving behind the vows they made to God.

Only with prayer and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament will these consecrated persons keep sacred their vows and even give evidence and Faith to others.

Over here in Malta there are many prayer groups and Adoration is done every day in some places. Yet so many others can go and they do not. Life today is so hectic that one has to make an effort to pray more, to find time for God. Thanks again. Bless me and my family.

Mary R., Malta

Dear Father Gruner,

I thank you for all your prayers and remembrance of this poor soul in all your Holy Masses and Prayers! Thank you for making this poor soul a member of the Society of the Child Jesus!

Paul F., St. John, New Brunswick

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