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Mission & Youth Outreach Projects
ROME, Fatima Center

The office is open to the public and Fatima information and material are given to those who ask for it. The office also keeps in regular contact with the Italian Clergy.

On Christmas Eve 1999, on New Year’s Eve day, on Epiphany, and during the opening of the Holy Doors for the Jubilee, 100,000 flyers about Our Lady of Fatima were distributed. For the past 2 months, Petitions to the Holy Father to consecrate Russia have been distributed by young boys and girls from the local parishes. At least 50% of the young boys helping come from the “Case Famiglie” (home families), a kind of orphanage for young adult orphans who live in these families and meet each week in prayer groups organized by the parishes. During the Jubilee’s youth week, we concentrated our efforts and distributed more than 100,000 flyers in a week.

We are planning to mail out our first Italian version of The Fatima Crusader. Once this is accomplished, we plan on producing Italian Fatima Crusaders on a regular basis in Rome.

Our Rome Office helps with the organization of our Pilgrimages in Rome and in Fatima. In the coming months, We are planning to offer pilgrimages from Rome to Fatima in response to the many inquiries we have received.

The Rome Office is the starting point for our Apostolate’s Italian press releases. The Press Conferences are organized in Rome and all the information for the journalists concerning Father Gruner is provided by Rome.


In the past few weeks, our workers in Fatima have distributed 250,000 Petitions to the Holy Father requesting the Consecration of Russia.

To date, we have received approximately 3,000 responses to our Petition Distribution efforts and are now planning to mail information on the Consecration of Russia to these people.

Our Brown Scapular pamphlet, the issue of The Fatima Crusader devoted to the Five First Saturdays, and an article written by Andrew Cesanek titled “Are There Two Original Manuscripts on the Third Secret?” have all been translated into Portuguese and will soon be ready for distribution.

Overseas Distribution

Since the Bishops Conference in Hamilton, Ontario, last October, we have had constant contact with the many Indian priests and bishops who attended the conference. These priests and bishops are helping us with their prayers and are also distributing literature on the Messages of Our Lady of Fatima in their dioceses and parishes. A large number of them are also distributing Brown Scapulars with leaflets in the local languages of the people.

Many other priests and bishops from other poor countries who attended the Conference have begged for medals, rosaries and scapulars for distribution. All of these requests have been fulfilled. Thousands of rosaries, How to Say the Rosary leaflets, Miraculous Medals and Brown Scapulars have been sent and received, even in Russia!

Mass Intentions

Mass intentions are being sent to supportive bishops in Third World countries who have difficulty supporting their priests and in some cases could not otherwise afford medical insurance for them.

Spiritual Ministry

Many people have telephoned, e-mailed and written to thank us for our comments on the vision of the Third Secret released by the Vatican on June 26, 2000. Many have said that they now know a great deal more than ever before on the Messages of Our Lady of Fatima. Most are not satisfied with the commentary supplied by the two Vatican officials which was published last June.