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Mission & Youth Outreach Projects

The children in the orphanage are studying hard for their government exams which they will take in May of 2001. These exams, if passed, will allow them to proceed to higher education which will allow them to take up professional lives. Competition is high, but when they achieve success, these Catholic children will become, hopefully, the new leaders in their country.

Because of your generosity, we are able to provide 10 scholarships for children in Junior Kindergarten to grade 5 and 20 scholarships for children in grade 6 through grade 10 for children of the village where Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Orphanage stands. Costs for the Junior school are $60.00 U.S. per year per child and $66.00 U.S. per year per child for Senior school.

By the end of April of this year, we will increase the number of children at the orphanage from 68 to 75.

The international offices of India and Philippines are preparing to set up their own web sites and control the mailing lists for their own countries. This will, in turn, allow them to work more closely with the volunteers in their countries and provide quicker, less expensive filling of orders for the promotion of Our Lady of Fatima's Messages.

The Philippines office has been working hard to enlist the aid of students and others to distribute the Fatima Message to their own age group. Monthly Rosary hours are being held at the office in Manila and, in conjunction with the local authorities, encouraging the youth to get involved in prayer meetings rather than the rioting brought about by the civil unrest in the country at this time.

Thousands of Scapulars, Rosaries, medals, prayer cards and leaflets have been sent to bishops and priests in Third World countries for distribution among their people. The bishops and priests have written us asking for this help, and then written to thank us for our generosity.

Our volunteers have been working hard at distributing the Fatima Message, many even paying for the postage to get the materials to them. Their prayers are assisting us as well. Some are sending us literature that others have published, speaking against us while asking us to refute the errors. Others are sending us their “stories”, incidents that show them they are doing Our Lady's work.

Many priests and bishops are quietly encouraging us to continue our work for Our Lady of Fatima and include us and our work in their daily Mass and prayers.