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Mission & Youth Outreach Projects

Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Orphanage

January is the month when the Archbishop goes to St. Paul's Parish, where the orphanage is located, to confirm the children and give First Communion to those who are judged ready to receive. This year was no exception. All the children being blessed with these Sacraments received a gift of special clothes for the occasion and a prayer book.

The gratitude of the people is often expressed through the Sisters who run St. Joseph's First Aid Center. Minor first aid is dispensed directly, with the visit of a volunteer doctor to treat more serious medical and surgical concerns. When necessary, the orphanage jeep is used to transport patients to the nearest hospital for more serious medical treatment.

Poor children in the area surrounding the orphanage, who would not otherwise have the opportunity of education are now being screened to fill the 30 places the scholarships have made. Books, uniforms and tuition will be provided and these additional 30 children will attend the same school as the children of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Orphanage.

Screening is also being done to fill another seven places in the orphanage in order to help our extended family grow.

Further Studies Assistance for Recent Seminarians

We supply Mass intentions to two newly-ordained priests while they are doing further studies in Rome which will greatly assist the pastoral work in their third world dioceses.

Brown Scapular Workshop in India

The process for costing supplies and finding the workers is now actively being done in India to help the Society of the Child Jesus set up its very first Brown Scapular Workshop. Between January and March of this year, over 25,000 Brown Scapulars have been distributed by Our Lady's Apostolate

International Libraries

Recently, two shipments of books have gone to people who are setting up libraries for both seminarians and lay people in India and Africa.