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The Holiness of Blessed Jacinta

On January 21, 1920, Blessed Jacinta was affectionately received at Nossa Senhora dos Milagres Orphanage, close to the Basilica da Estela, where she spent 12 days. At various times during her illness, she was visited by the Most Holy Virgin.

In 1935 Sister Lucy wrote of her cousin: “I hope, for the glory of the Most Holy Virgin, that the Lord will concede to her the corona of Sanctity. She was a child, but only in years. She knew how to practice virtue and demonstrate her love for God and the Most Holy Virgin by the practice of sacrifice. It is admirable how she understood the spirit of prayer and sacrifice which the Most Holy Virgin recommended to us ... For the countless examples she gave me, I maintain a great esteem for the sanctity of Jacinta.”

— From the books: Jacinta de Fátima by Father Fernando Leite and Novos Documentos de Fátima by Father António Maria Martins, S.J.