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Letters from Our Friends

Dear Father Gruner,

I am writing this little note to try and encourage you to keep strong during this very difficult time. Nobody will believe the lies and distortions that have been circulated by some Church figures. We all know that you are a truly dedicated priest and faithful to the Church and to the cause that God has called you to do. Like your editor, I am horrified that such allegations and threats of excommunication have gone this far when all your energy should be directed to the promotion of Our Lady's request.

I wish I had the means to help the Apostolate more generously, but I am widowed with a handicapped foster son and just have my social security check and his S.S.I. because he is disabled... The next three years are going to be very tight financially for me but I will help the Apostolate whenever I can, and of course, you have my prayers. I am so very sorry that your path in life has been so difficult. Good things seem to come about from others' pain.

I had a bad feeling when I read the Third Secret of Fatima. Something didn't seem right about it, and I sensed that something had been left out. Your issue of The Fatima Crusader explained it very well. Thank you for producing a very informative and well-documented issue. I am sure that truth will triumph in the end. Maybe then all this nonsense and mischief will stop. God bless you.

Eileen B., WI

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