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Religion is Still Family's Best Friend

The Associated Press recently published the results of a nationwide poll conducted by “Public Agenda”. The majority of those questioned agreed that religion is the best way to strengthen moral behavior and family values. They also felt children should have a religious upbringing because of the positive effect on behavior and society's problems.

Some states are, however, continuing to take a negative approach and insist on removing all religious references from their schools. Our country was built on a belief in God. We should not stand quietly in the background as He is legislated out of our children's lives. We must not forget that recent developments have led to a loss of belief in political candidates, especially when they speak of religious experiences.

Teachers were never meant to replace God in society — or is this part of the new agenda? If their actions take away respect for authority, something already lacking in most of our elected leaders, then at school, who will the students turn to for guidance?

The Church was chosen by God to teach. Man does not have the right to deny God's children His presence in their schools.