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Mission & Youth Outreach Projects


Sister Maria de Deus and her order of sisters continue their work for the poor and oppressed. She thanks all members of the Society of the Child Jesus along with Father Gruner for the generous and faithful donations provided to her which allow this most heroic work to continue.

The State Government has visited their home and praised them for the work they are doing with the simple, poor people of the town. After 20 years of mission work, this is a first for Sister Maria. The government will be passing a stipend to help with the arts and crafts.

The nuns continue to make Rosaries, blankets, quilts, place mats, and book markers; and these crafts are going very well.

The prostitution in town, for the time, seems to have decreased. The sisters continue to have monthly meetings with the mothers of the children in their care and they see many returning to Our Lord.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Orphanage:

The children in the orphanage who attend school all passed their grades and will continue their education in the new term. All are healthy and well. Their numbers have increased to 74 and it is hoped that the new children will integrate well with the others and thereby join the family atmosphere. In addition, 30 scholarships for children of extremely poor families have been donated by The Fatima Center with your help: 10 scholarships for grades kindergarten to 5 and 20 scholarships for grades 6 to 10. Archbishop Joji is delighted at the opportunities we are extending to the poorest of his diocese. Archbishop Arulappa, now retired, insists that only through the education of the children will the country have the leaders necessary for the future.

Brown Scapular Workshop in India:

Funds have been sent for the materials to get the process going. It will probably take a little while longer to see the results. However, our India office is excited at the prospect of having Brown Scapulars made there, assisting in both the spiritual and material needs of the people. With this in place, we will be printing the leaflet in a few of the main Indian languages (there are over 800 languages in India) for distribution in various areas of the country.


The recent civil unrest in the Philippines, particularly Manila, has greatly contributed to severe cutbacks in electricity and telephone connections. It has affected our office in Manila with people concerned for their safety while distributing religious materials. However, the work goes on. Plans for procuring a web address and internet connection is hampered by the civil demonstrations and kidnaping, which we are assured by the government is being dealt with. Our shipment of Fatima Crusader magazines, petition pictures, prayer cards, Golden Key to Heaven, Garment of Grace, Scapulars, and Miraculous Medals has arrived at our office, and plans for distribution are shaping up.


Volunteers in Ireland have been busy with distribution of the materials sent, and are now in need of another shipment. Plans are being made for a visit by staff to Ireland, to meet the people and get even more materials into their hands. It is hoped during that visit to set up a permanent office so that we may better serve the people of Ireland.

Green Scapular Workshop:

Plans are in the works to have students make Green Scapulars in Our Lady's Workshop that we are setting up in one of the garages at the Fatima Center. One of Our Lady's volunteers, who lives here at the Fatima Center, will be supervising the work.