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Letters from Our Friends

Dear Father Gruner,

I thought you would like to know what happened to my friend when I sent her a bottle of Fatima water you sent to me. She thanked me for it and then related the following:

When she opened the bottle of holy water and blessed herself with it and then said some prayers, she was overwhelmed with the strong smell of flowers. She had been very sad that day but after using the holy water and saying a prayer (for the first time in a long time) she went to bed and had the best sleep ever. The following morning she was showing her daughter the holy water and opened it to bless herself as she was getting stiff from Parkinson's disease when she noticed the strong smell of flowers. When she smelled the water — “no smell” — yet her daughter could smell the flowers. The stiff feeling left her. She says that happened because of our faith. (I told her one had to have faith while using the Fatima water.)

However, it did give me a strange feeling to have my friend write me about her experience. I felt it was like a small miracle. My friend has been suffering a lot with a disease the doctors say has no cure. At least my friend is praying again. I urged her to say a Rosary daily.

Please say a prayer for her. I feel your prayers carry more weight than ours. You are doing so much to spread the Message of Fatima; Our Lady must be so pleased with you. I pray for your success daily.

God bless you. Sincerely, Catherine, FL

Dear Father Gruner,

I wish to again thank you for personally autographing my Douay-Rheims Bible when my wife and I were at your Fatima Rosary Rally in February. I shall always cherish it!

I am often saddened that many, who are aware of your work, do not appreciate the invaluable service you are offering on behalf of Jesus and His Blessed Mother, for the benefit of mankind.

It is especially distressing to learn that there are highly- placed ecclesiastics in our Church whose pride causes them to ignore their divinely-ordained responsibilities, to the detriment of the souls of subordinate priests, the laity, and potential converts.

I pray that Our Lord, and His Lady of Fatima, continue to infuse you with the moral courage and temporal means to continue promoting the Message of Fatima.

Respectfully yours, Kenneth, MI

Dear Mrs. Clarke, Fatima Center,

Just a note to let you know that we received the package with the many Rosaries that you sent for our Mission here in the Amazon Rain Forest.

I am deeply grateful for this generous donation and wish to assure you that the Rosaries will be distributed (we have already begun their distribution) to our far-flung rural communities. The Rosary has, for centuries, been the “catechism” of our people who live in the jungle and have but a few opportunities to have a visit of the Missionaries and Mass during the year. We have over 300 communities and only 14 priests to serve a land area equivalent to all of New England and most of the State of New York. They have a great devotion to Our Lady and pray the Rosary in their families and in their communities.

Again, thanks. May Our Lady bless your many volunteers as you spread devotion to Her through the Fatima Apostolate.

Yours in Christ, Bishop Hiem, O.F.M., Brazil

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