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Catholics in Tamil Nadu, South India, are seen here holding copies of our Petition to the Pope to consecrate Russia, which were sent to them by our Volunteer Department.

Helping Those Who Can’t
Help Themselves

Jesus said: “Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come to Me: for the Kingdom of Heaven is for such.” (Matt. 19:14)

“Children’s faces should always be happy and trusting, but at times they are full of sadness and fear: How much have these children already seen and suffered in the course of their short lives! ... Thanks are also owed to those generous individuals and families who welcome orphans with love, and do everything they can to heal their traumas and to help them to fit once more into the communities from which they came.” – Pope John Paul II, World Day of Peace, January 1, 1996 (The Fatima Crusader issue 51).

Over the years Father Gruner has made several pilgrimages to India, accompanied by the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. On one of these visits, in November of 1995, His Excellency Samineni Arulappa, the Archbishop of Hyderabad, handed him a formal decree incardinating him into his Archdiocese. “I grant you all the faculties you need for continuing ... It is my prayer that you continue in your God-given mission in spite of great opposition.”

Father Gruner visited the diocese of Hyderabad and made it part of his mission to help the poor Catholic children there. We opened an orphanage to feed, clothe and teach “the little children” the true Faith.

After the orphanage, we built a medical facility and dug a well where the villagers are able to get clean, fresh water.

It is because of the sacrifices of people like you, members of the Society of the Child Jesus, that this Apostolate is able to help children throughout the world. They need more than food and shelter, they need (along with their families) to hear the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Message of His Blessed Mother. And we need more people like you.

Father Gruner looks over the Orphanage’s Jeep.

Do you have a friend or relative with whom you can share this Newsletter, with and encourage them to become a member of this Society?

Our Lady of Fatima accomplished so much with just three young children who believed in Her. This belief needs to be spread throughout the entire world. And for that we need help!

And speaking of help, we received an appeal recently, from a group in Tamil Nadu, South India, (see photos above) who are trying to help the poor and needy Christians in their area. A donation will be made to assist them in purchasing food and medicine for the young children in their care.