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Unprecedented 5,000,000
People Expected to Attend
Canonization of Juan Diego

In 1994 the late Father Marcel Nault arrived in Mexico City as a guest speaker at the Fatima Peace Conference. He was wearing his priestly cassock and was immediately confronted by a man wanting to know if priests were now allowed to be seen in public wearing cassocks. This question immediately brought to mind the Cristeros who gave their lives for their Faith during the Mexican Revolution.

Father Gruner encountered another sort of problem when he arrived in Mexico. Certain anti-Fatima Vatican officials had used threats, intimidation and deception to try and prevent the Fatima conference, a conference perfectly legal under Church law. And even these “officials” though they believed they had terminated “the possibility of effecting the above-mentioned meeting (the Fatima Conference)”, Our Lady’s soldiers marched on.

This year, the Holy Father will travel to Mexico to preside over the Canonization, on July 30, of the man who witnessed the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

In 1531 Juan Diego encountered a “little princess” Whom he recognized instantly as the Mother of God. She requested that a church be built where “I will show My compassion to your people and to all people who sincerely ask My help in their sorrows. Here I will see their tears; I will console them and they will be at ease.”

Bishop Zumarraga asked for a sign, Castillian roses; he was given much more. When Juan Diego opened his tilma to reveal the roses, the image of Our Lady appeared simultaneously. This image caused the conversion of 9 million Mexicans to Catholicism.

Juan Diego, a warrior prince, moved into a room attached to the chapel and lived there as a custodian until his death. People flocked to him to hear him tell again and again the details of the great apparition. He never tired of telling it. His former status, well known to all, was no small factor in holding in awe the peasants who listened intently to his words.

Ten million pilgrims come each year to pray before the Tilma of Our Lady, on which Her miraculous image appears. And there is so much to see: the stars on Her robe depict the exact position of the constellation in the heavens at the moment of the miracle; the cincture under the bodice that indicated pregnancy; the fur-trimmed cuffs that indicate royalty; the Cross on the collar at the neck which Juan Diego instantly recognized; in the eyes of the Virgin there is a reflection of the people gathered in the bishop’s chamber; the color of the mantle is the color of the quetzel feathers which were worn by Aztec royalty; and the mystery of the texture of the tilma which creates different perceptions of color when the viewer stands at different distances from it.

Be with us in spirit on our Pilgrimage to Guadalupe and Mexico City this year, from July 29 to August 5, as we attend the Holy Father’s ceremony of canonization of Juan Diego. Be with us as we view the tilma that converted millions to the Catholic Faith and as we see the Tortured Crucifix, the result of a Masonic plot to destroy the image of Our Lady (a plan gone awry, similar to the bomb blast at the Capelinha, at Fatima, less than four months later).

Be part of the historic crowd of 5,000,000 who will be inspired to renew their devotion to Our Lady, Mother of All the Americas.