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Letters from Our Friends

    Our Lady’s Apostolate receives hundreds of letters, cards and telephone calls each day, encouraging the workers and all the supporters of Her message to carry on as they strive to reach souls all over the world. We would love to hear from Society members with ideas and thoughts we could share with others.

Dear Father Gruner,

In 1949 my daughter had polio. She was not expected to recover.

A neighbor gave me St. Pio’s address. Within 12 days I had a letter from the Superior saying Saint Pio could not write but blessed a medal. My daughter wore the medal for the seven weeks that she was recovering.

I still look at the medal everyday and thank God. I know that Saint Pio saved my daughters life.

Best wishes and prayers to you,

Mrs G., Michigan

I have received the latest issue of The Fatima Crusader and am very excited about reading it during my hour of adoration at church on Thursday. I enjoy the reading and it has helped make a difference in my life. A big thank you goes out to Father Gruner and the entire staff at the Fatima Center.

Keith, via the Internet

Father Gruner,

My prayers are with you daily.

Thank you for your never-ending efforts to save our souls. Your reward in Heaven will be tremendous!


Gina J., MI

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