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Mission & Youth
Outreach Projects

Because our children are the future of the Church, it is critically important more than ever that they receive all they need. When we reach out to save innocent and helpless ones for God's sake; when from the depths of our heart we sacrifice to meet their most basic needs, when we help even one child find the love of Our Heavenly Father, we assure for ourselves great blessings and graces from Heaven.

With this in mind, Father Gruner began an important mission and youth-outreach program in 1998, the Society of the Child Jesus. Since then, members of this great fellowship of believers have accomplished a great deal through their monthly pledge support.

The children in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Orphanage, in Hyderabad, India, have written heartwarming letters of thanks for all that has been done for them as a result of the assistance the Orphanage received from this Society.

Children in other countries have also received gifts of food and clothing, made possible by the generosity of our members.

Keeping in mind our Goals and Purposes: to reach out to children; to support missionary and information efforts throughout the world; to save and improve the lives of needy children; to bring the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Message of His Blessed Mother to all corners of the world; to promote the holy devotions of the Rosary and Brown Scapular and to assist Our Lady's Apostolate through our prayers and regular offerings – we thank you for being a member of the Society of the Child Jesus.