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In Black and White . . .
and Shades of Grey

Before we could recover from the turmoil surrounding “Harry Potter” and the world of magic, and claims of much worse, another book is waiting anxiously for its “15 minutes of fame”.

Philip Pullman has written a trilogy, ending with The Amber Spyglass, from which he expects children to draw their own conclusions. Of course, the critics love it, but does that mean they read it at a child's level? Only if they want to have nightmares!

Pullman, who became an atheist early in life, is writing negatively about angels. Surprise! Organized religion is the enemy. Another surprise!

Concerned parents should pause and consider the damage such reading material can do to young, impressionable minds searching for the truth. They won't find it here in Pullman's works.

Reading is a wonderful pastime and should benefit the person perusing the printed word.

As a healthy alternative to the vast amount of dark literature aimed at children, the Fatima center offers the acclaimed works of Mary Faban Windeatte on the lives of the saints. Please call or write to us at the address in “Letters from Our Friends” in this newsletter for information on her works.