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Mission & Youth Outreach Projects

Immaculate Heart Orphanage

The academic year in India ended by the middle of April. Summer vacation for two months will end by the middle of June and the new academic year 2002-2003 starts by June 15. With financial help given through our Society all the children are continuing with their studies. Their progress reports are very good and all of them passed.

All the children are continuing to stay there and go to school. They had very good results in all their exams. Most of the children take part in competitions at school and they also win most of the prizes. Weak children are being given special coaching by the Sisters. They are growing up with good discipline and Catholic values. All this would not have happened to these children without the support of you, the members of our Society. Archbishop Joji specially recognizes our work in the village. The Archbishop mentioned that “They are grateful for the good work we are doing at Hyderabad”.

Brown Scapular Workshop

Last year we were finally able to start a “cottage” industry of making Brown Scapulars in India. Several sewing machines were purchased and given to workers to use in their own homes to sew these sacramentals. The materials are purchased by our office in Chennai, (Madras) and consigned on a monthly basis to the scapular makers, and at the same time, the completed scapulars are collected and the individual paid for their work.

This cottage industry is accomplishing many wonderful results for which we would like you to say a prayer of thanksgiving to Our Blessed Mother. The primary benefit is that we are provided with 10,000 Brown Scapulars each month, which allows us to fulfill the requests of many bishops and priests in India for these soul-saving sacramentals. A secondary benefit is the employment of poor people in an area of India that offers no other employment, bringing about the uplifting of their spirits as well as better living conditions. Added to that is the fact that in some cases they have been able to enroll their children in school which was previously out of their reach financially.

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