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Rosary Rallies

This year the Fatima Apostolate has travelled to Florida and Texas to spread the Message of Fatima with many more cities planned. Thus far, many people have been enrolled in the Brown Scapular. United to pray the Rosary, many participants lingered afterwards to share moments with Father Gruner or ask important questions about their faith. In months to come we will travel to Hartford, CT, Manchester, NH, Cleveland, OH, Vancouver, BC and many more...

At our recent rally in Texas, a gentleman wrote in response to the rally: “Father gave the most wonderful responses to some very important questions. I was amazed at how attentive even the children were. His advocacy for Our Lady is truly inspiring, and I'll certainly be incorporating much of his information into my own apologetics.”

Don't miss out if Father Gruner is in your area — and if you would like to make a request for Father to come out to your area — call us today at 1-800-845-3047.

Speaking Engagements

Recently, Father Gruner was invited to speak at an event in Kansas City. His talk focused on the Third Secret of Fatima. More specifically, Fr. Gruner was asked to give his view on what the Vatican has revealed about the Third Secret versus what is being withheld — and why it is being withheld. 200 people gathered anxiously to hear Father Gruner give a heartfelt talk. Fatima Crusaders, along with other Fatima distributional materials, were given to all fervent participants to share with their family members and friends.


A truly incredible year for a Pilgrimage! Both Blessed Padre Pio and Blessed Juan Diego will be Canonized this year. The Fatima Apostolate will be present to participate in these most beautiful sacred moments. Pilgrimages are truly spiritual events of a lifetime — and a canonization is a once in a lifetime occasion!

If you would like to participate in these sacred journeys ... call NOW 1-800-845-3047!!!!

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