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The Immaculate Heart of Mary Orphanage

Our Orphanage now has 49 boys and 26 girls. April was the final examination for the school year 2002-2003. All of them have completed their examination and all are expected to pass and go to the next class. Our Orphanage children are very hard working and none of them has failed so far.

During the month of May the children had summer vacation for one month. Boys and girls, in small groups, go and visit their relatives for a few days and then return. We have an acute water shortage at this time of the year and we are buying water for their daily use.

The Sisters are taking good care of the children. Special classes are given to help weaker students. Sports, music, and dance are included in their daily curriculum.

Orphanage children are doing well with gardening. They had a good crop of vegetables this year. Their main crops are tomatoes, green chilli, beans and leafy vegetables. In addition, they have pigs. Four small piglets are there. They made a small pen for them and they are well looked after and growing. Maybe after a year or so, one feast day our children will have pork on their table!

Our scholarship children are doing very well in class. They continue to get good grades. They take part in all the school activities and competitions. Their day-to-day progress is monitored in the school by the principal herself.

They are all looking forward to continuing the next academic year’s courses.