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Letters from Our Friends

Dear Volunteer Department,

I want to tell you something. I’ve been looking for this particular St. Joseph’s prayer for almost 40 years. I first received this prayer from one of the missionaries but I can’t remember from where, but the prayer was on a little pamphlet. I did memorize the prayer. I received it back in the early sixties. In the meantime, my son was called in the army, he served in Vietnam so I sent him the St. Joseph’s Prayer. He came home safe two years later.

When I opened your letter and read it, I got the surprise of my life. When I got the St. Joseph and the Infant Jesus picture card, I just laid it down, not realizing that the prayer I’d been searching for was on the back. Many, many pictures of St. Joseph I’ve received and I was always looking for the St. Joseph’s prayer. When I checked the back and saw the prayer, it just took my breath away! I know the prayer by heart, I have written that prayer thru the years on paper and placed them around. I was afraid I might forget the prayer.

But then it wasn’t quite complete, and now it is! Thank you all so very much! God Bless you all! With Love,

H. Ellis, MD

    From the Editor: If you would like your own copy of the St. Joseph Prayer, please contact us at the address below.

Dearest Father Gruner,

This is our note to you about your recent urgent call for help which was with The Fatima Crusader, issue 73 you so kindly sent us.

You are all always in our prayers (the Rosary daily) and we always want to be by your side even as the battle itself seems to be getting more and more difficult. But what can we say? We are genuinely brokenhearted to find we haven’t the means to send you even the normal $20.00. We are broke.

It would be a tragedy if The Fatima Crusader went under... it would be such a personal loss for us. You and Our Lady’s friends there at the Fatima Center are our only means of keeping track of the truth about the Catholic Church and the world, and how they are doing.

Please don’t let us lose The Fatima Crusader. We love you and all your co-workers, supporters and loved ones in Jesus, Mary, Joseph. We always need you.


C. & G. Santiago, NM

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