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Mission & Youth Outreach Projects

Immaculate Heart of Mary Orphanage

We received news recently that the 75 children in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Orphanage in Hyderabad, India are all doing very well. The local Roman Catholic School that they attend has gotten such good results in the past year's examinations that the empty desks are starting to fill up with local children who had attended government schools in the area. Mr. Sebastian keeps us informed of the academic progress of the children, all of whom are working hard and getting good marks. Because the orphanage is located behind the school, the children make use of the school sports facilities for their recreation. Teams of soccer, cricket, and basketball players are often found playing games simultaneously.

Getting ready for the planting season.

All of the children are encouraged to maintain the orphanage “garden”. This comprises of vegetables, fruits and flowers. The children are responsible for the planting, (their choice of vegetable and flower) watering, and weeding. Although the “crops” would never be enough to “feed” the children, they do take great pride in their work.

Due to the climate, it is for the most part extremely dry, and they can do little outdoors when the monsoon season hits. For that time of the year, the Sisters in charge of the orphanage have a room stocked with craft and leisure activities such as board games, puzzles, and art supplies.

Just some of the smiling faces at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Orphanage.

Every morning and evening the children are led in their prayers by the Sisters, and special prayers are said for all those who so generously contribute to their well-being and education. They are so grateful for this opportunity to break the cycle of poverty that many suffer in their country.

International Volunteers

Late in 2002, over 17,000 copies of an interview with Father Gruner were mailed from our Philippines office to priests and lay people. The response has been great, with many volunteers asking for more copies to pass on to friends and family. The number of people wanting to help make Our Lady's Fatima Message known is growing by leaps and bounds. There were over 60 people requesting to help us through the volunteer program in the Philippines in the month of August 2002. All volunteers distribute literature and send us new names to be included in our mailing list for The Fatima Crusader magazine.

In many of the English-speaking countries, volunteers have been distributing literature. Many priests write and thank us for the sacramentals and literature they have received and request more. They offer prayers and Masses for the success of our work as a means of thanks. Catechists in some African countries use the literature and sacramentals we send for distribution to teach the people, with the blessing of their parish priests.