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Letters from Our Friends

Dear Father Gruner,

After receiving several letters from you which I have not taken time to answer, I ask for your kind indulgence in my failure.

After reading your latest letter, I realized that busy as you have been in expanding your outreach program, even as far as our country, the Philippines, we, the traditional parishioners have been actively doing missionary work, such as teaching religious instruction to children, students in schools, visiting the sick in hospitals, doing home to home visitations, distributing religious articles such as Rosaries, the Brown Scapular, encouraging the faithful to attend the Tridentine Mass (which the Archbishop, the Conciliar Bishops, priests and the modern Catholics abhor).

We have been charged as schismatics and excommunicated for being loyal to Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. We have also been visiting the Department of Social Welfare where children who have been abused by their parents in incest, maltreated or children who have been forced to commit crimes because of poverty and lack of religious instructions are confined. These activities are undertaken under Our Lady of Consolation of the Legion of Mary.

So, as I see it, your outreach program of the Society of the Child Jesus and our Legion of Mary activities are doing parallel missions with the same goal - the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I have read the issue of the Society of the Child Jesus Newsletter that you furnished me and it is a tremendous accomplishment in such a short time. The most that I can do now is to offer my sacrifices and prayers and whatever financial help I can extend you...

You are being persecuted by the bureaucrats in Rome, we are being persecuted by the hierarchy in our archdiocese and also by the modern Catholics. I really cannot understand why we who have been faithful to the Catholic tradition, who have not added or changed anything or deducted anything are now charged as trying to form a different religion because we do not accept the Novus Ordo Mass even if we also believe and obey the Holy Father of Eternal Rome.

So, may God bless you and your Apostolate.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Nora V., Philippines

Dear Father Gruner,

May God Bless you in your Fatima Apostolate! And I know Our Lady will help you!

I have just finished the book you sent to me The Devil’s Final Battle and it was just fantastic! I read the first 5 chapters and I couldn’t put it down! It is so true and it must be told to everyone, although I know everyone will not want to hear it. I tried telling our priest and he told me to be careful of such things, and I told 2 nuns and they wouldn’t ever listen to me! They just kept interrupting me with their modernism!

The comparison of the Arian Heresy to the Modernist Heresy is excellent! And the whole Vatican II fiasco is also well explained in the book. These two things must be stressed over and over again and how powerful the Rosary is and how the Fatima Message has not been completed — which should be obvious because of the chaos in the world.

Father Gruner, I will try my best to spread the Message, but we both know it will not be easy.

I have met you a few times, and I believe you are a very holy man, hand-picked by Our Lady to spread Her Message. Remember Saint Athanasius, he too had a very difficult time spreading the truth, but Our Lady will help you!


Kathryn R., OH

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