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They Were Punished for Their Faith...

Stories of Martyrs

Many books have been written about Martyrs and others persecuted in various ways for their Faith. Our Lady’s Apostolate has a few books you may wish to add to your Catholic collection. Martyrs of the English Reformation by Dr. Malcolm Brennan tells the reader about martyrs who suffered and died horrible deaths rather than deny the truth of the Catholic faith. From the Foreword, written by Michael Davies:

“Clearly, Catholics should have a great veneration for all the martyrs of the Church. Alas, only too often they are virtually unknown to us. What do most of us know of the martyrs named in the Roman Canon? It is a matter for particular regret. In fact, it is a scandal that most English-speaking Catholics know little or nothing about the martyrs of the British Isles, those valiant men and women who died to uphold truth in the face of the Protestant heresy...

Times have indeed changed, but truth has not. It is one and indivisible. The claims and prerogatives of the Catholic Church in the Sixteenth Century remain the claims and prerogatives of the Church today: they are immutable because they were established by Our Lord to endure until He comes again. It would be very hard to find a diocese in the English-speaking world today where the least attempt is made to uphold the prerogatives of the Church. Ecumenism has degenerated into indifferentism...

Thomas Colton, a teenaged boy, endured terrible sufferings for his faith in the reign of Elizabeth I. He refused to mitigate those sufferings by so much as setting foot inside a Protestant church:

‘If I should go inside your church, I should sin against God and the peace and unity of the whole Catholic Church, exclude myself from the holy sacraments, and be in danger to die in my sins like a heathen. Although I am but a poor lad, I have a soul to save as well as any other Catholic.’

Saint Anne Line was hanged at Tyburn on February 27, 1601. On the scaffold she said:

‘I am sentenced for harbouring a Catholic priest, and so far am I from repenting for what I have done so that I wish, with all my soul, that where I have entertained one I could have entertained a thousand.’

Saint Swithun Wells, a schoolmaster, spoke to Richard Topcliffe, the priest-hunter, upon the scaffold:

‘I pray God make of you, a Saul, a Paul - of a bloody persecutor, one of the Catholic Church’s children.’

I have no doubt that some of those who read this book will be encouraged to give their lives forthwith only for the Catholic cause. I am sure that Malcolm Brennan could ask no greater reward for the effort involved in providing us with this inspiring book. May God bless him.”

Martyrs of the English Reformation is $9.95. Other books on martyrs found in Our Lady’s Book Service Catalog are: The Song at the Scaffold by Gertrud Von Le Fort; Mexican Martyrdom by Father W. Parsons, S.J.; Martyrs of the Coliseum by Father A.J. O’Reilly, D.D.; Come Rack! Come Rope! By Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson. Call our toll-free number today to order your copies!