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Goals and Purposes of the
Crusaders of Mary

To convince all Catholics that the ONLY way to defend the Church against all her enemies, within and without is by obeying Our Lady's requests, particularly for the Consecration of Russia.

To foster and preserve the sacred teachings and changeless traditions of our Holy Catholic Faith along with fighting the persecution of all Christians.

To comfort Our Blessed Mother for the pain caused by those who blaspheme and ridicule Her and also to help bring Her words of hope and peace to a suffering world.

To re-double our efforts to convince bishops to obey Our Lady and to bring, as she promised, the peace of Christ to all men by promoting full obedience to the requests made by the Blessed Virgin at Fatima.

To bring the words of Our Lady of Fatima to all Catholics as a bulwark against all threats to the Church and a means of strengthening the faith of millions.

To encourage ever greater devotion to Our Lady by organizing a great and continuous crusade of Holy Masses; offering Masses every day specifically for Our Lady's triumph and the blessing and protection of all Catholics - especially those promoting Her triumph, predicted at Fatima.

To promote the Rosary, Brown Scapular and Five First Saturdays as “Heaven's weapons” and a true means of preventing further persecution and harassment of all Catholics in danger.