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World Peace Conference

From October 11-18, staff and volunteers from the Apostolate were thrilled to take part in the Fourth International Fatima World Peace Conference.

To our delight, more than 400 Bishops, priests and laypeople from all around the world attended. Bishops came from India, Africa, Brazil and Rome. Over 60 priests were there from Russia, Australia, Fiji, India, Africa, Philippines, Croatia, England, and Scotland — as well as Canada and the United States. All priests in attendance came with the permission of their Bishops. Many talked about how renewed they felt in their commitment to their Faith and of the importance of the Message of Fatima.

One Bishop related he was brought back to the feeling which called him to the priesthood in the first place. He and the son of one of our staff became partners in Rosary distribution. The 12 year old is going on to teach his grade seven class to make Rosaries, and send them to the Bishop for the children in his schools.

      Archbishop Milingo addressed the recent Fatima:
      World Peace 2000 Conference at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

How encouraging it was for conference organizers — and for Father Gruner — to see many people with deep devotion to Our Lady and a willingness to help spread Her Message at any cost.

We prayed the Rosary together every day. Masses were celebrated in three different rooms throughout the day. In the evenings we had well-attended Rosary-making demonstrations.

Many people visited the hospitality room to meet other people and socialize. It was wonderful to have so many like-minded individuals together.

All of the speakers did a tremendous job and I think a lot was learned by all present. It was an honor to have Archbishop Milingo from Vatican City there to speak. The Archbishop is a powerful speaker.

Cassette tapes of the entire conference speakers’ line-up will soon be available through Our Lady’s Book Service. These valuable recordings come highly recommended.

During the conference, we took a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Victory Basilica in Buffalo, NY. It’s an amazingly-beautiful, inspiring church. We heard the story of Father Baker, its founder whose cause for beatification recently advanced a step forward.

We then took visitors to one of the world’s seven wonders, Niagara Falls. For many, it was their first view of the mighty cataract. This wonder of the world certainly is a reminder of the majesty of the hand of God.