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St. Dominic - Crusader of Mary

St. Dominic was born in 1170 in Spain. His full name is Dominic de Guzman. His mother, who is also a Saint ( Blessed Jane of Aza), saw a brilliant star shining on his forehead as the waters of Baptism were poured over his head. In later life, according to Blessed Cecelia who wrote about him, he retained this same light.

During a vision of St. Peter and St. Paul, Dominic received the commission “Go and Preach, for to this ministry thou art called” and then he was given a staff and a book by the two Saints. Ever after St. Dominic travelled with a staff and the Epistles and the Gospels. People flocked to hear him and embraced the penance that he preached. St. Dominic went on to found the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans).

Sometime before 1213 Our Lady appeared to St. Dominic at Toulouse, France, and gave the Rosary to him. The holy Rosary then became his great apostolate. St. Dominic was so powerful in his faith that he raised the dead to life. In his battle with the Albigensian heretics his writings were twice set on fire and both times remained intact.

Queen Blanche of France requested his help with her barrenness. He recommended that she and her people pray the Rosary and a child was born as a result, “the child of the Rosary” was St. Louis, King of France.

St. Dominic died in 1221 at the age of 51.