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Dear Father Gruner,

Just a line to let you know that we all appreciate what you're doing for Our Heavenly Mother, and to let you know that we are behind you in all your (and now our) endeavors. Keep up the good fight against the red tape re: the Third Secret. I am certain that we all will be victorious in the end.

Mr. and Mrs. T. ... Toronto, ON

Dear Father Gruner,

Thank you for sending me the book “Fatima Priest”, and thank you for your wonderful work.

May God continue to bless you and all (your) Our Lady's workers and volunteers. I will continue to pray for you all, and I know Our Blessed Mother will never let us down. God bless you Father Gruner!

Yours Sincerely in Christ

B.R. ... Silver City, NM

Dear Father Gruner,

My name was given to you by one of my friends, to enlighten me about your apostolate. Thank you Father for writing to me about your work and what you people do there.

You people are doing a wonderful work over there, spreading the Fatima Message to different people all over the world. May Our Blessed Mother strengthen you in this soul-saving work.

I enjoyed your introductory issue of The Fatima Crusader and I would like to join in this soul-saving crusade. Father, if it will be possible I would like to receive other issues of The Fatima Crusader because they may bear interesting articles that I will like to read.

Mr. S. ... Amaehto, Umunkele

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