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Facts about Father Gruner

Father Gruner

  • Nicholas Nightingale Gruner was born on May 4, 1942, to Jessie Mullally and Malcolm Nightingale Gruner. (Nightingale was his father's mother's maiden name).
  • Father Gruner has four older brothers and two younger sisters.
  • Father Gruner was ordained at Frigento, Italy, on August 22, 1976.
  • Father taught high school math and religion, before beginning his apostolic work. (Some of Our Lady's workers think it would be a good idea if Father tutored our children if he ever had any spare time).
  • The first Fatima Crusader was published in the summer of 1978 and Father has worked tirelessly ever since to help Our Lady, and ensure that Her requests be granted.

To learn more about the life of Father Nicholas Gruner call 1-800-263-8160 to order your copy of his biography “Fatima Priest”