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The Exorcist ... More Than a Movie

Movies such as “The Exorcist and “The Entity” have brought some lapsed members back to the Church but multi-million dollar epics such as “The Titanic” soon captured the attention of easily distracted members of today’s society. Special effects have taken the place of reality and numbed the senses of everyone seeking to be “entertained”. Too many have forgotten the old adage: Truth is stranger than fiction.

When Our Lord gave His 12 disciples power over unclean spirits, to cast them out (Matt. 10:1), He knew it would be a continuous struggle.

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo believes the Church has neglected to put this gift to good use. In a speech given at “Fatima 2000: World Peace and the Immaculate Heart of Mary”, he stated that some members of the Church hierarchy “think that those who are engaged in the ministry of healing and exorcism are just individuals who are taking this upon themselves. ...”

There is, however, a growing movement in the U.S. to combat the evils of satanic possession. In 1999 the archdiocese of Chicago appointed a full-time exorcist, bringing the total to 10 currently performing this service throughout America. This is completely opposite to the direction taken by some Church officials in Rome who, according to the Archbishop, “think we do this because we are seeking personal fulfillment or publicity.”

The Roman Catholic Church does not allow an exorcism to be performed until the existence of a medical or psychological condition has been ruled out.

There is a growing belief that satan doesn’t exist. This belief cannot withstand even the slightest scrutiny, but it makes people feel better.

The devil thrives in this environment and the workload of exorcists will only increase dramatically until Our Lady’s Message is understood and Her Peace Plan accepted for what it is ... the only answer.