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Dear Clergy and all at the Fatima Center,

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I want you to know that I am with you in helping to defend Father Gruner and nothing will ever change my opinion on him and his work to make known the full Fatima Message.

When one looks at the world and everything that is happening, the world is a thousand times worse now than it was in 1939. But it's like it says in the book “The Prophets and Our Times,” people want to be deceived. Well, not all of us. And when anyone speaks the truth they get the same treatment Our Lord got. Keep up the good fight and remember it is always darker before dawn. God bless you all.

Sean K., Ireland

Dear Father Gruner,

You are in my prayers at Mass daily and especially your requests in reparation to Immaculate Heart of Mary and for your 10-Point Plan to end persecution and to defend the Catholic Faith around the world. Above all, may Our Lady of Fatima grant you good health and spirit while on your travels to visit many bishops. Your letters are always so enjoyable, filled with good hope and faith. Yours in Christ.

Regina M., Milwaukee

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