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Is This The Peace Promised
by Our Lady?

Some of the Vatican bureaucrats and their influential allies claim that Our Lady’s request for the Consecration of Russia has been fulfilled and Russia has been converted and that therefore we have peace in the world.

Is This an Example?

While standing guard at a military checkpoint entering Palestinian territory, Israeli soldiers fired at a diplomatic vehicle bearing the Vatican Flag on the fender and diplomatic license plates. The passenger, Bishop Marcuzzo, was on his way to visit a sick priest. After notifying the proper authorities of this unprovoked attack, the bishop was promised a safe return.

On his way back, the bishop once again saw guns aimed in his direction. He was fortunate enough to find a safer route back to Nazareth.

The Israeli Army, concerned about public opinion, officially stated the soldiers “reacted in the wrong way” and would be prosecuted.

Peace Continues ...

The new year was celebrated in St. Lucia, a mostly-Catholic island in the Caribbean, with an attack, during Communion, which took the life of an elderly nun and severely burned others.

Machete wielding members of a Rastafarian cult attacked the Catholic Church members after prompting by a religious vision.

And the Peace Goes On ...

Just before the new year, a priest, Father Inocencio, was shot and killed. This senseless attack took place on the island of Jolo and was perpetrated by men who are suspected of being members of the rebel militia fighting for a Muslim state in the Philippines.

... And On

There is only one country in Asia without Catholic Churches. And Afghanistan has added to the “shariah” (civil Islamic law) to maintain the status quo.

To convert to Christianity, preach the Gospel, or proselytize in that country could result in being condemned to death. There is a term of 5 years in prison for selling offensive books for the propagation of “false beliefs.” These harsh measures are in place against those who seek to “corrupt Muslims by offering them economic incentives if they convert to Christianity.”

...And On

The Auxiliary Bishop of Boma recently spent 13 days in prison without specific formal charges.

The police force in charge of “anti-patriotic Activities” have been accused of making random arrests which are detrimental to religious.

Priests and missionaries have been subjected to imprisonment even though, according to Avvenire, the Bishops’ newspaper in Rome, these arrests of men of the Church are a real “persecution” which they are suffering for being “the only free and non-aligned voice in the recent vicissitudes of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

Lead by Example

The time has come for everyone to say they have had enough. No more lies. No more silence. No more cover-ups. The Catholic Church has to take its rightful place as leader of men. And it must lead by example.

We have to go to our bishops and insist they officially and publicly inform the Pope they will support him in the Consecration of Russia, exactly as Our Lady requested. Only then will we have real peace throughout the world.