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News from the Apostolate

Father Gruner Events Update

Rosary Rallies in Detroit, Philadelphia, and New Jersey this year have been a great success! We were fortunate enough to have at least 400 people attend each Rally. Father Nicholas Gruner spoke on the Message of Fatima and how it is more urgent today than ever.

He also spent time answering all the questions that people asked. Hundreds of attendees were invested in the Brown Scapular, met Father Gruner, and had their books signed or religious objests blessed by him. Many were so happy that upon leaving their eyes filled with tears.

In the months to come we plan to travel to New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Chicago, to mention just a few. We may be coming to your area too!!!!

Green Scapular Workshop

Plans are in the works to have students spend the summer making Green Scapulars in Our Lady's Workshop that we are setting up in one of the garages at the Fatima Center. One of Our Lady's volunteers, who lives here at the Fatima Center will be supervising the work.

International Libraries

Recently, two ocean container shipments of books have gone to people who are setting up libraries for both seminarians and lay people in India and Africa.


Between January and March of this year, over 1.7 million pieces of Russia Consecration material has been sent out. We plan to distribute another 2 million pieces in the near future.

By the end of March of this year, 40 volunteer kits had been sent to foreign priests to distribute among their parishioners.

Since the first of the year, over 51,000 Green Scapulars and 25,000 Brown Scapulars have been distributed to faithful Catholics like yourself, in mission countries, through our volunteers, and at our Rallies and Special Events.

Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Orphanage

January is the month when the Archbishop goes to St. Paul's Parish, where the orphanage is, to Confirm the children and give First Communion to those who are judged ready to receive. This year was no exception. All the children being blessed with these sacraments received a gift of special clothes for the occasion and a prayer book.

Poor children in the area surrounding the orphanage, who would otherwise not have the opportunity of education, are now being screened to fill the 30 scholarships your pledge gifts have helped make possible. Screening is also being done to place seven more children in Our Lady's Orphanage in order to cause our extended family to grow.

Brown Scapular Workshop in India

The process for pricing supplies and finding the workers is now actively being done in India to help set up our very first Brown Scapular Workshop. Between January and March of this year, over 25,000 Brown Scapulars have been distributed by Our Lady's Apostolate.

Fatima: Chronology of a Cover Up

Fatima: Chronology of a Cover Up was updated and taken to Rome for distribution to Cardinals, Bishops and priests during the induction of 44 new Cardinals. Father Gruner traveled to Rome to meet as many of the new Cardinals as possible and distributed these during his visit there. The pamphlet is currently being translated into German, and will be posted in that language on our website at www.fatima.org.