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Dear Rev. Father Nicholas,

Thank you very much for the very interesting story regarding the Green Scapular and thank you for the enclosure of the Green Scapular. I wear the Brown Scapular.

I have been praying for years to the Blessed Mother for miracles of faith and conversion for four people.

I pray the Rosary every night for you to keep you strong and healthy so that you can continue your Apostolate for Our Lady of Fatima.

Your letter was so beautiful and heart warming and reduced me to tears. I am well aware of your struggle to get Our Lady's Message to everyone in the world.

I don't worry about your spiritual strength but I do worry about your health. Our Lady will not let you down. She will watch over you and keep you as only She and Her Divine Son Jesus can.

God bless you, Father Nicholas and may you gain in strength daily. I fear for the consciences of the Vatican bureaucrats. They must not have very peaceful slumber time.

Let us pray to Blessed Jacinta and Francisco to intercede for us and Pope John Paul II for the Consecration of Russia.

Helen P., CA

Dear Father Gruner,

Thank you for the very good experience of the World Peace 2000 Conference in Canada. Thank you, in particular, for sponsoring my ticket for the occasion and for looking after my accommodation, etc.

So many enriching things happened and were said during the Conference. I would really like to share these experiences with my brother bishops here in Zimbabwe. For this reason I would be most grateful if you could send me a written account of the different talks and the video tapes.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

Bishop A.M.

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