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Persecution Continues
Around the World

CHINA – There is increased government pressure on members of the underground Catholic Church to join the government-controlled Catholic “patriotic church”. Recently 16 priests (loyal to the Pope) were arrested by the police. Among them was Father Liao Haiqing, who has already spent 17 years in prison.

(Zenit.org, July 19, 2001)

ITALY – A priest, walking alone, spending some time in solitude and recollection, was accosted at gunpoint and taken to a secluded pine grove.

He was then warned that certain activities must be terminated. What was he doing that called for such a serious reprimand? Providing shelter for young women who were fleeing the mafia network of prostitution.

Of course the priest has every intention of continuing his mission of mercy even though his life may very well be at risk.

(Zenit.org, Feb. 6, 2001)

TURKEY – The constitution guarantees freedom of belief and worship and it affirms the separation of religion and state. So if someone wanted to hand out New Testaments, without discussing their beliefs, there wouldn't be any problem, right? Wrong!

A citizen who did so was arrested for offenses against Islam and the prophet Mohammed. Islam, preferred by 99% of the population is, in fact, the state religion.

(Zenit.org, Feb. 6, 2001)