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The Annunciation

by Susan Claire Potts

What song was Thine, dear Lady, when
St. Gabriel came to tell
Of the Advent of the One Who would
Crush the bonds of hell?

What wonder overtook Thy heart,
Maria, Gracious One,
At Nazareth when the Angel said
That Thou shouldst bear the Son?

Moonlight shining through the door
Fell softly on Thy face;
Blessed beauty the Angel beheld in Thee,
God's Image wrought by grace.

Unsurpassed the honor given
To Thee, Immaculate One:
God's masterpiece was asked to be
The Mother of His Son.

Hush, ye owls and nightingales,
Hush, night creatures meek,
Be still, O whirling universe,
Hear the Virgin speak:

“Fiat mihi” Thou didst whisper,
“According to Thy Word,”
Sweet consent that brought the Savior
Was the answer Heaven heard.

Could the patriarchs in Limbo hear
The choirs of Angels sing
As crystalline stars danced light upon
The Mother of the King?

Gold bells rang out in Paradise,
Fine flutes were played on high,
A sacred symphony of love was heard
Beyond the midnight sky.

Kneel, ye mighty mountains,
Bend low, O forests green,
Let all creation spread its cape
In honor of the Queen.


When I say Hail Mary:

    The court of Heaven rejoices and the earth is lost in wonderment;
    And I despise the world and my heart is brim-full of the love of God.
    All my fears wilt and die, and my passions are quelled.
    Devotion grows within me and sorrow for sin awakens.
    Hope is made strong in my breast and the dew of consolation falls on my soul more and more;
    And my spirit rejoices and sorrow fades away.

Blessed Alan de la Roche