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Dear Father Gruner,

Thank you for your information on Fatima. Yesterday I had a conversation with a lady, and discussed the Consecration of Russia. She said that it had been done and I informed her that it had not been done as yet. She stated that all the information she had, said that the consecration had been accomplished, but I rebutted her statement, that it had not. I can understand your frustration about the disinformation going on in the published circles about this deed. But I know that much is so wrong and many people are being deceived by the media and many related projects. Keep up your good work Father.

Last year I had open heart surgery (5-way bypass, and a mitral valve replacement, the second time) and I prayed for you during my recovery. You are always in my prayers and thoughts. It must be extremely difficult for you to undergo such persecution, but with Our Lady's help, I know that you will survive the onslaught of the devil.

God bless you Father, and I keep you always in my prayers. Thank you for getting out the message of Fatima, without you we would not have the truth.

Sincerely, Muriel (via the Internet.)

Dear Father Gruner,

I am living proof that the Blessed Virgin Mary does answer prayers, especially if the Rosary is recited EVERY DAY! If only those who do not pray to the Virgin could realize that FACT!

It's very sad that all of our Christian brothers and sisters who are non-Catholics do not recognize Mary. Their response is always based on what is not in the Bible, but fail to recognize Fatima or Lourdes.

God bless you for defending our Blessed Mother's efforts to convert the lost souls including which was once my own.

Bob, Colorado.

Thank you Father Gruner,

I am so glad you answered. I was awake until 2:00 a.m. this morning reading The Fatima Crusader. I was reading about the deplorable conditions in Russia and the other articles about the Third Secret. I have, for many months, been concerned that you are so persecuted for the Faith and I urge you to be patient and know that you are loved.

Sincerely, Donna (from the Internet.)

Dear Father Gruner,

I am very grateful to you for the tireless and fearless work you do and I keep you and your apostolate in my prayers.

It is my belief that you are doing the most important job in the world at this time. Do not cave in. I will make a greater effort to pray for the success of the Conference in Rome, in October.

Cathy, Idaho.

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