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During the Crusades, Christian soldiers were introduced to a word they didn't want to know or understand, assassin. No one was safe from these killers, regardless of the security measures taken. Even heads of state, who protected themselves with armed guards, lived in constant fear for their wellbeing.

Today we live in fear of another type of killer, and once again there is no practical defense. Out of fanatical beliefs based on false religion, irrational hatred for a perceived enemy, or financial rewards, these men thrive on taking innocent lives. The name terrorist is very appropriate.

We have fought in wars, both at home and overseas. We have lost loved ones during these armed conflicts. We have honored those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Once again we mourn for our loved ones who have paid the ultimate price, only this time they weren't aware that they were “at war” while working at the World Trade Center in New York. Why were they targeted? We do not yet know for certain. Who is the enemy? No one has yet stepped forward and made that declaration but the US Government claims to have enough evidence to declare war on Osama bin Laden and the men he has trained to attack and kill the innocent.

Terrorists willingly forfeited their lives, all they wanted was to take many others with them. It didn't matter that their victims were indiscriminately chosen. Or maybe it did. It could be that they wanted us to know we are not immune to the fanatical hatred we see on our TV screens as man's inhumanity to man is unfolded daily on the evening news. It may be that when we go to bed at night they want us to wonder if, tomorrow, it could be us, or a loved one, under a pile of smouldering rubble.

As we wait for more news of bombing missions and talks of negotiations, we want to know if it could have been prevented. Or, why weren't we warned?

Some of us already know the answers. Yes, it could have been prevented. And yes, we were warned. Yet we choose to ignore Our Lady of Fatima and Her Message.

We have been given the Miracle of the Sun and a night illumined by an unknown light, and still we stumble around in the dark. Our Lord and Our Lady have promised us peace, but we have to earn it. We do not have to send our young men into battle, we do not have to produce mass weapons of destruction, we do not have to kill our fellow man.

Our Lord wants us to “make it known” to His ministers that they have to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Blessed Virgin wants Her Third Secret revealed. They want to give us peace. We want to go to sleep at night knowing there is, truly, peace in the world.