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News from the Apostolate

Rosary Rallies

Yet another successful Rosary Rally took place in Los Angeles, California. About 500 were enrolled in the Brown Scapular — Our Lady's protection against danger. This year, about 5,000 have been enrolled in the Brown Scapular at Rosary Rallies all over the United States and in Canada. Our Lady's promise in 1251 stated “whosoever dies wearing this Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire.”

In a heartwarming talk beforehand, Father Gruner outlined the many miracles of the Brown Scapular, encouraging all to heed its importance. The inspiring talk left all participants in the room spiritually enriched as they recognized the profound importance of the Brown Scapular.


Our pilgrims coming back from Mexico returned from the journey of a lifetime spiritually renewed. It was here in Mexico City where Juan Diego was crossing the Hill of Tepeyac when he met with the extraordinary vision of Our Lady. Our pilgrims walked in the footsteps of blessed Juan Diego and fortified their faith.

If you are interested in going on pilgrimage with Our Lady's Apostolate, please call or write to us at the address at the end of “Reader Mail” in this Newsletter for more information.