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Dear Father Gruner,

Many thanks for the letters and enclosures I have received from you in recent months.

I have been absent from home for a few months, having spent a wonderful time visiting family and friends.

I have finally caught up on my stack of mail awaiting me.

Rest assured, Father, that I am not neglecting to pray for you each and every day — and will continue to do so as long as I live.

I'm sure each day presents new challenges and anxieties for you to cope with. I pray that your health will not suffer too much as a result.

I have already read A Law for One Man and am completely overwhelmed by the endless persecution you have endured over the years. Now, incredibly, plans are underway to do the ultimate — to “excommunicate” you. I feel so helpless to help you, but can only increase my prayers for you.

So, dear Father, I pray that you remain steadfast and true to your apostolate, and I feel sure that in the end you will be rewarded in seeing Our Lady's promises fulfilled.

Your friend always,

Elizabeth C., Victoria, BC

Dear Father Gruner:

Thank you for the special gift of the blessed Green Scapular and the opportunity to give Mary to my brother-in-law who is recovering from open heart surgery.

My brother-in-law's faith is weak as is my sister's and I thought it would be impossible to give him the Green Scapular.

But asking God in faith through the intercession of Our Lady for an opportunity to do so, a miracle happened.

In conversation, my brother-in-law showed me a blessed crucifix of Our Lord that his neighbor gave him and that gave me a lead-in to present the Green Scapular to him. I told him it was not meant for me to keep, but to give away this Christmas. I gave him Mary and he had the Son. So now he has the Mother and Son looking after him. What a great combination.

Tom accepted the Scapular with gratitude and this experience has changed him forever. He is home now and doing great, after many complications. I thought you should know. Best regards,
With Jesus and Mary,

Nancy, Sterling Hts., MI

Dear Father Gruner,

I am truly sorry that you are going through so much suffering and abuse to keep you from getting the Messages out.

Please know that I truly believe in you and your work, and trust you so much. I know you are doing a fantastic job, or the bureaucrats wouldn't care to fight you.

Please do not give up hope. We are praying that Our Lady will protect you and keep you safe to do Her requests and we here are praying for you and say the Rosary for you to have strength to carry on.

It is a “truly good” priest like you, Father Gruner, who cares to tell the whole truth about Fatima to everyone. That gives us much hope for the future. I know you can and will succeed Father. We know there is so much more to the third Secret. What they did tell us about Fatima is so phony, and I'm happy Father, that you are doing so much for so long to get the truth out ...

God Bless you Father and keep you safe and blessings to all your good workers. Sincerely,

Leonarda S., Lancaster, NY

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