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Dear Father Gruner,

Thank you so much for sending me the Green Scapular. I am so happy and grateful and believe that this is the answer of God for me. He sent His answer through you, Father Gruner.

It is almost two years that I pray for my younger brother who is a drug addict, asking God and Mary that someday he will recover.

I have given the Green Scapular — the sign of Mary’s love — to my younger brother and believe that through this Green Scapular, he will recover. Please pray for him.

Every morning after I pray the Rosary, I pray for you, asking God to protect and help you in this difficult time of trial and testing.

I have two more fallen-away Catholic brothers. I also want to give each of them a Green Scapular. A niece of mine is very ill with cancer and I also want to give her a Green Scapular and my friends, when they saw the Green Scapular you sent me, they also would like one.

So dear Father Gruner, I need 10 more Green Scapulars, and would be very happy if you could send them.

Thank you in advance. May God bless and keep you.

Mrs. T. Latumeten, Indonesia

Dear Father Gruner,

Thank you for The Fatima Crusader issue 59. When it came, I sat down that night after dinner and dishes were done and read “Jacinta’s Tears”.

Father, it is a moving and eye-opening story but mostly about Jacinta’s body being incorrupt in the tomb.

I treasure every one of the articles in the Crusader.

I pray for you and your work and its success and for the people who work for you, for the 10 Point Plan, for Mary and for your television ministry, that all goes well for you.

I’m sure the Blessed Mother is always watching over you, and caring for you, as a mother for her son.

God Bless you and keep you in His loving arms always.


T. Conlon, NJ

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