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News from the Apostolate

Both our Philippines and India offices have been filling the volunteer orders and mailing them out to volunteers in their own countries. This requires us to keep those offices supplied with magazines, prayer cards and other literature, which means that our shipping department has a mammoth job at least twice each year. The cost of shipping in bulk is less than mailing individual orders.

The benefits of this work are very far-reaching. By providing the goods to offices in their own countries, the volunteers can get materials for distribution much quicker and at a lesser cost to Our Lady's Apostolate. Priests and bishops who request materials for distribution on special occasions, such as first Communions and Confirmations, can be supplied in time. In the past this was a great heartache as the international mail caused a delay in our receipt of the requests and the cost to airmail sacramentals and literature was so high we could not supply the amounts asked for and get them there for those special days.

Our Madras office has been on the Internet, so communications are simplified greatly. Within the next few months, our Philippines office will also go on the Internet. Our plans for these far-away places is that they will continue to grow and expand, providing information about Fatima and sacramentals to the people through volunteers, priests and bishops.

In India, a volunteer who makes beautiful small Rosaries has agreed to send her Rosaries to our office there for distribution to the priests and bishops who request them. Indian government policies make it difficult for large shipments of sacramentals to be received in that country, consequently we are investigating ways of making these items through cottage industries such as our Brown Scapular factory or purchasing in bulk at cheaper prices for free distribution.