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In the Beginning …
A Pilgrimage to Rome

When the early Christians organized a kind of ”common coffin” to ensure a worthy burial for their brethren they had no way of knowing how important these tributes to the Faithful would become.

Pope John Paul II stated “the very structure of the catacombs underlines the profound establishment of such values in the life of those first brothers in the Faith.”

Today, thanks to the Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archaeology, pilgrims will have even more opportunities to visit these holy places. Members of this commission are making the catacombs more attractive to pilgrims, thus creating new itineraries in some of the most important ones.

The Pope said “The modern pilgrim can come to discover with greater facility his own religious identity and decide to follow Christ with renewed enthusiasm, as so many martyrs of the first centuries of Christianity did.”

Join us on a Pilgrimage to Rome – visit the catacombs – pay tribute to those whose commitment to the Catholic Faith was absolute.