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The Miraculous Medal

    The Immaculate Virgin Mary promised many graces to those who invoked Her and wore Her medal of the Immaculate Conception. This medal has had such profound effects that it has been termed the Miraculous Medal and has spread throughout the entire world. Countless documented cures, conversions and graces have been bestowed by the Blessed Virgin Mary through the instrumentality of Her Medal, and the following is just one example of the cures wrought by Our Lady through the Miraculous Medal.

A young religious, twenty-seven and a half years old and eight years professed, in an Order specially consecrated to the Blessed Virgin (Paris), had been kept in the infirmary by various maladies, for the space of five months. At the very time she appeared convalescent, an accident of the gravest nature happened; her left thigh bone became disjointed and shrunken, the limb was attacked by paralysis, and the sick religious lay upon her bed one month, without experiencing the slightest alleviation from human remedies. Two physicians and a surgeon being consulted at various times, pronounced the displacing of the bone due to an irritating humor; but they could not check it, even by means of cauterizing and issues, so that after a long and painful treatment, she remained a cripple. She now had recourse to the Blessed Virgin as a child to its good mother; a religious of the house having brought her one of those medals called miraculous, she received it gratefully, applied it to the afflicted member and commenced a novena to the Blessed Virgin. All human remedies seemed unavailing; she lost her appetite and was unable to sleep. She was also racked with high fever; however, having snatched a little repose during the Wednesday night after beginning the novena, she was suddenly awakened by a very painful commotion, which re-established the bones in their place; the leg which had been shortened about six inches, became lengthened almost even with the other, and recovered its usual strength. On visiting her the next morning, the physicians were greatly astonished, but gave orders that she should not yet leave her bed. On Sunday, the last day of the novena, the fact of the cure was established beyond a doubt. The religious rose quite naturally, and, without any assistance, ran to kiss Mary’s statue, placed over the infirmary fireplace; then, dressed in her habit, and accompanied by the Mother Infirmarian, she descended about a dozen steps to the chapel to adore the Blessed Sacrament, after which she repaired to the community room, where the Superior with her Mothers and Sisters were assembled, to give her the kiss of congratulation. This touching scene was terminated by the recitation of the Te Deum and Sub Tuum. No trace of disease remained, except a slight weakness for a few days, and as this was only felt in the sound limb, it was evidently the result of her having been six months in bed.

Two of the physicians acknowledged, with all the Community, that it was a supernatural favor. One of them has even declared in a certificate of May 4, 1834, that without wishing to characterize a fact as extraordinary, he observes that in this circumstance there are: 1st, spontaneous disjointing; 2nd, spontaneous diminution, three days of convalescence, and these last two are, to the extent of his knowledge, without parallels in the records of surgery. The religious has never had another attack of this infirmity.”

— taken from The Miraculous Medal:
Its Origin, History, Circulation, Results
by Father Aladel, C.M.