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Dear Father,

Two years ago, my wife was scheduled to have a stent placed in the interior artery of the left side of her brain. During the procedure by the Neurovascular Group at the California University of San Francisco Hospital, the procedure had to be postponed and a stent put in her left carotid artery instead.

Because of the deteriorating neurological symptoms the brain procedure was rescheduled for April 25 of this year. Two weeks before the procedure, we received a Green Scapular in the mail. My wife placed the Scapular in her purse and we began saying the simple prayer inscribed. After a five hour operation, when she was released from the recovery room, the neurovascular surgeon came to us to report the results.

He had no explanation for what had happened and was very surprised. He fully expected the narrowed artery in her brain to have further narrowed, causing the degenerated neurological problems she experienced with her speech and right side movement difficulties. Instead of narrowing, the artery had opened up and no stent was required. I attribute this wonderful surprise to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Green Scapular.

Thanks and praise be to God and His Mother.


E. Metzner, CA

Dear Father Gruner,

Enclosed is a small donation in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary. The special Rosary Issue of The Fatima Crusader is the best one I have ever read! My children and I use the Rosary intentions article by Joseph Cain (pp 42-43) every time we pray the Rosary.

There are copies of this issue of The Fatima Crusader in the chapel of the local Catholic school.

Thank you again for reminding us of the true way of peace and how to keep our Faith.

Sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

M. Farber, VT

Dear Father Gruner,

Thank you for the latest issue of The Fatima Crusader — a truly memorable and impressive one.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I wrote to you. I have had a few worrying events in my own life to contend with which have kept me preoccupied. But now that they’ve been sorted out to some extent, I can bring my mind back to the important issues.

I have been praying hard that the Holy Father will find the courage to call his rebellious Vatican officials to order and put an end to the intolerable persecution you’re being subjected to. When you say you feel as if you are in hand-to-hand combat with the devil himself, I’m sure that’s exactly right. You are! Who else but the devil hates Our Lady so much that he can keep up an endless, no-holds-barred war against Her? The most dismaying thing of all is to realize how many of the Vatican hierarchy are fighting on his side. Which of them, I wonder, will usurp the Chair of Peter?

It seems a good idea to give the Green Scapular a new lease of life, and perhaps this is just the right time to put Our Lady’s “secret weapon” as you once called it, into operation. I could use another six of them, as I know so many Catholic families whose children have fallen away from the Faith. (In fact, I hardly know of one that hasn’t!)

I would also like three more copies of the Crusader magazine. It’s so packed with relevant, hard-hitting information ... I would like to give one to our priests to read, though I doubt if it will make much impression. They are all sound asleep!

What a truly remarkable letter you received from Robin H. — a real gift from Heaven. How it must have cheered you up! Especially as she/he is not even a Catholic. Isn’t it exciting to think of the millions of prospective converts you can reach over the Internet, sending Our Lady’s message and devotions right across the world. No wonder our enemies are getting desperate! I suspect that the success you are having now is, in no small measure, the fruit of all the suffering you have endured over recent years. Let us pray that Our Lady of Fatima will continue to receive worldwide publicity so that all those who are seeking the truth may find it.

With all my prayers and best wishes,

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

P. Pralle, New Zealand

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