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From the Closet
to the Living Room…
to the Church

From the Closet ...

There was a time when admitting you were homosexual (coming out of the closet) was a painful and reluctant self-denunciation. Society did not accept or approve of that lifestyle and known homosexuals were shunned.

To the Living Room ...

One new television comedy series Soap “broke the barrier” and had an openly gay character as one of the stars. The show's producers made sure the news of this storyline got “leaked” to the media and the publicity this character generated guaranteed a large audience. The producers laughed at the concerns of those who objected without first seeing the show.

The character was portrayed as a very likable young man who drew more sympathy than condemnation. Then, other shows jumped on the bandwagon and added “gays” to their list of regulars. Now there are TV shows specifically for and about gays and lesbians. Another “barrier” got broken, this one was the disapproval of homosexuals in society and this disapproval is based on the teaching of Sacred Scripture, which condemns homosexuality every time it is mentioned. Yet, we became the victims of very clever Hollywood propaganda to the point where there is no stigma attached to their sexual preference.

TV stars are standing in line waiting to profess their abhorrent lifestyle. First Ellen and then Rosie came out of the closet. Of course other television and movie stars praised them for their “honesty”.

To the Church ...

Before we could recover from the shock of homosexuality now being considered as just another lifestyle, the scandal of pederasty in the Church spread like the forest fires in Colorado and Arizona. Before one flame could be put out, several more were uncovered.

The Catholic faithful waited for official condemnation. They waited for the guilty bishops who covered it up to be punished. It didn't happen. While we pray, and wait, and hope, the wolves are ravishing the flock.

As Sister Lucy warned us, the final battle has begun; and so far Satan appears to be winning the ultimate war. We must join Our Lady's army, pray the Rosary daily, and work for the Consecration of Russia. If we don't win this battle, the consequences for our children will be a living nightmare.